Symposium 1 - Uncertainty: a real test case on the Garonne river

Symposium 1 - Uncertainty: a real test case on the Garonne river

Water resource management and flood forecasting are crucial societal and financial stakes.  In the last two decades an explosion of new data sources and advances in computer technology has made possible a fundamental shift from deterministic to probabilistic approaches in hydraulic modelling and generated methods that seek to quantify and reduce the uncertainty associated with model predictions. Consequently, assessing uncertainties is now considered as a milestone for improving numerical predictions of a dynamically evolving system.

This mini-symposium  aims at bridging environmental modellers (hydrodynamics, fluvial hydraulics, coastal oceanography, water resources management, flood forecasting,...) together with applied mathematics experts to demonstrate the merits of uncertainty quantification and data assimilation methods in the field of hydrodynamics and related topics, either on academic cases or operational integrated platforms.  In this symposium, the three pillars of uncertainty quantification will be adressed :

  • Uncertainty Quantification
  • Uncertainty propagation through the hydraulic model 
  • Data assimilation for uncertainty reduction. 

In this symposium, we will address these different topics on a real test case  : the river Garonne between the junction with the Lot river and the La Réole city (60 km).

Contributors : LHSV – EDF R&D - CERFACS