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SimHydro conference

The SimHydro 2017 conference is jointly organized by the Société Hydrotechnique de France (SHF) and the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis (UNSa). The conference will be at Polytech Nice Sophia (School of Engineering) in Sophia Antipolis technopark, near Nice and Cannes - France (French Riviera) from 14th to 16th of June 2017. It aims European audience and endeavor to collect high value papers.
The Organising & Scientific Committees will take particular care in the process of peer reviewing of the manuscripts and selected papers.

4th International Conference

Choosing the right model in applied hydraulics

Polytech Nice Sophia, 14-16 June 2017

Choosing the right model in applied hydraulics
  • Decision-making processes and uncertainies handling
  • Purposes for modelling. How to choose the right model for coupled problems?
  • Which are the industrial and societal issues associated? Which uncertainties?
  1. Hydro-environmental issues. Modelling in eco-hydraulics
  2. Uncertainties and data assimilation
  3. Scale models in hydraulics and their place and complementarity in simulation concepts
  4. Flow instabilities in hydraulics: how to deal with?
  5. Real time modelling of Hydraulic structures and networks and events
  6. Lessons learned from 2015 flash floods in the French Riviera (Côte d'Azur) area and other similar areas
  7. Modelling tools for urban floods (pluvial, fluvial, and marine submersions)
  8. 3D two-phase flows (experiments and modelling)
  9. Hydraulic machineries
Preliminary schedule
  1. Day 1 : Free surface flows, coupled problems and hydro-environmental issues.
  2. Day 2 : Real-time modelling of hydraulic networks and structures urban flood modelling.
  3. Day 3 : 3D flows modelling and two phase flows in hydraulic machines and industrial hydraulics, Urban flood modelling.
  • October 15th, 2016: Abstract submission

  • December 5th, 2016: Notifications to abstract authors

  • February 27th, 2017: Full paper submission